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Northwest Companies believes in devoting extensive amounts of time and resources to become a leader in the transportation and crane service industry. We take great pride in our Health, Safety & Environmental policies and we believe nothing is more important than safety - both on the job and away from it. We will not be satisfied with our safety performance until we reach our company wide HSE goal of zero incidents. That means zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero environmental incidents. We can achieve these results by continuously strengthening our safety program and being constantly aware of ourselves and each other. Leadership and accountability play a vital role in building a strong safety culture and we expect every employee to uphold our HSE policies.


  • New Hire Orientation        
  • PEC SafeLand USA
  • Site Specific training and refresher training
  • Forklift certification
  • Driver training & certification
  • Hydrogen Sulfide training

Safety  compliance consortiums:

  • ISNet World
  • PEC Premier

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